Chios Island : Greece

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My favorite city in Turkey is Istanbul but there exist so many advantages to live in Izmir during summer time. You really do not have to take a vacation from work since you have several options to go for swimming or spend your weekend around Izmir. One of the option is Chios Island; which is a Greek Island just 1,5 hour far away from Izmir-Çeşme harbour

Çeşme is a township in İzmir boundaries, which is 80 km far away from city center. It is pretty easy to take bus to Çeşme from İzmir city center. It is really convenient to reach Chios Island from Çeşme’s harbour. The return ferry ticket is just for 11€- 16€ (changes according to the season).

It is one and a half hour journey but be careful about the time you choose to visit the island. Chios Island is more alive during summer season. If you prefer calmness and silence then I’d suggest you to visit Chios during april, may or late september and october. If you are not a citizenship of European countries, you should get schengen visa to step on Chios island.

I have never tried public transportation in the island so I have no idea how much it costs or etc… but I have seen just one bus during the 2 days that I stayed there. Also one of my friend told me that taking a taxi was expensive and there was really rare public transportation in Chios.  Therefore we hired a car for a day.  It costs around 40€ during peak tourism season. You may bargain for price except summer. There are several car rentals near chios harbour.

Mastic tree is speciality of the island.  It is not a surprise that, the favorite tastes of Chios Island are made of mastic.  Essence is used to produce many different flavours as Mastic liqueur(which is my favorite), mastic jam, candies, delights…   The island is surronded by mastic trees. The resin, coming from tree’s body can be chewesd raw; the taste is like no sugar chewing gum. 

There are two alternative ferry-boat firms working between Chios Island and Çeşme Harbour – Ertürk and Egebirlik

(The prices are adopted to seasonal factors: For price checking)



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